Jet Ski Dubai

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WHAT YOU EXPECT from majesty 101 ft

All in the will, the Majesty 101ft deals with the famous model for adequate and agreeable lodges and the perfect plans that most likely will improve your maritime affair in Yacht Rental Dubai Marina. When you step on board for cruising, you will be blessed to receive extensive fly-span, excess suites, and a glorious feasting lodge in this Boat Rental Dubai.

Likewise, the cruiser is a suitable and helpful verdict for vast social affairs, binding with your pals, and most logical for corporate ordeals of Yachts In Dubai. However, being mainly logical for corporate events, the Majesty 101 FT is a great get-to-be episode of a social spin for enormous family social events.

This yacht of 101 Ft is a recruited excess yacht Rental Dubai created by Bay Specialty, the honor-winning Yacht Dubai producer founded in the Emirates as a redefinition of the excess locally handy experience. Further, the excess inside plan of Yacht is performed by Yacht Plan.


We recommend at least 3 to 4 hours of cruising. Cruise along Dubai’s beautiful coastal waters and see the most stunning landmarks including: