Jet Ski Dubai


From AED 949/hr




Asfar Three 56ft Yacht Rental Dubai, you will dig into excess and plushness as the quality and show affect themselves. This Dubai yacht, impel by energy, is underlying the city as per global norms. Further, is ideal for huge events and families, with which the recalls are custom-fitted

As the Boat Rental Dubai is very produced by Bay Specialty, under its striking image range, and beauty, you will want to hold up in a five-star inn amid the superb waters of Dubai. The maritime heaven looks for you to watch while taking off inside richly planned lodges.

Asfar Three 56 FT is viewed as one of the greatest boat trips in Dubai. With this amazing Dubai Yacht Rental trip, 56-foot splendor is an elite, superior exhibition engine yacht with hefty goods and fittings that can adjust to all cruising grounds and conditions with solace and security.

However, these yachts in Dubai include the 3 rooms Excess Rooms such as the Celebrity room, Visitor room, and Ace room along with 2 privies, and a kitchen (kitchen sink, fridge, microwave, heater, and even the artistic oven. Also includes the Music framework and submerged light

Finally, if you are in Dubai, do not miss out the opportunity of embarking on boat trip dubai Asfar Three which is built for sheer luxury and relaxation.


We recommend at least 3 to 4 hours of cruising. Cruise along Dubai’s beautiful coastal waters and see the most stunning landmarks including: